Hiya! I’m Deanne: Aussie, wife, mother, and the creative force behind Addydae Designs.

When I was young, I never thought of myself as the creative type. In fact, I felt as if I had NO imagination whatsoever (apologies to my high school English teachers!) But after the birth of my niece, I rediscovered my love for crochet. It wasn’t long before I decided to take the leap into designing and writing my own patterns. Addydae Designs came to be and I have been happily publishing my own designs ever since. You will rarely find me too far away from a notepad, crochet hook and ball of delicious yarn. Oh, and the perfect cup of tea, of course.

So, what can you expect to find here? Well, my primary aim is to create designs that are not only great to wear and use, but are interesting and enjoyable to create as well. There’s no point in going to all of that effort to make something if you don’t enjoy the process, right?

I like to use simple stitch combinations to create interesting and beautiful fabrics as well as provide a canvas for you to make your own fabulous, colourful masterpiece. Being a busy mother, I fully embrace the idea of minimum effort for maximum effect so I try to incorporate that philosophy into my patterns. My designs are virtually, if not completely seamless, and most are easily customised for the perfect fit. I love using a variety of fibres and combining colours to create beautiful, practical and interesting pieces.

Here you will find lots of designs for little girls, a few things for boys (I am working on expanding my boy-friendly designs), something special for the ladies, and even a few accessories for big boys. And what crochet designer worth their salt doesn’t have a few blanket designs to complete the collection?

I really hope you enjoy what you see here and I look forward to seeing what you create from my designs. Together, let’s show the world how fabulous crochet can be!



All Addydae Designs patterns may be used to make items for sale. My only request is that you reference Addydae Designs/Deanne Ramsay with the item. (I am currently in the process of updating all of my pattern PDFs to reflect this. Please ignore any old versions that state my permission is required to sell items made.) Feel free to share your beautiful creations on Instagram and Facebook #addydaedesigns