What’s in a name?

Feb 2nd


So, what IS in a name? Addydae…. Is that even a word?

To explain: Many moons ago I worked in the public sector for Queensland Transport (where you go to get your driver’s licence etc for the non-Aussies here.) As you can imagine, updating records to reflect name changes was common. You know, after marriage, divorce.  One client I remember changed his name for a different reason. He was reverting back his birth name. Back from what? Eutha Nasia. Yep, that’s right. His signature was a little heartbeat-turned-flat-line and everything. I guess he decided that being Mr Nasia was not working for him anymore so he switched it back.

A business name is a little trickier. Almost harder than naming your children with copyright issues thrown in for good measure. And there can be big ramifications if you want to change it down the track because it isn’t working for you. It needs to be unique, but also adaptable. I mean ‘Deanne’s Crochet Designs’ is not going to work if I decide to branch out into knitting design now, is it? So I thought that some of you may have wondered where the name Addydae came from.

I can’t actually take the credit for the name. When our first daughter started talking, she kept saying this strange word – addydae, this…. addydae that. We had absolutely no idea what she was referring to as it seemed to relate to everything she did. After about three days of mystery it finally dawned on us that this strange word ‘addydae’ was a name she had given herself. (As her real name is Imogen, you can understand our confusion. The best we can come up with is that it was some variation of ‘Daddy’s girl’ or something like that.)

So, that’s it: Addydae. It’s unique, adaptable because it’s not actually a real word, and most of all it has a special place in my heart.



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